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Asked Questions
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What is Adrennial?

Adrennial is a streaming service that encourages people to explore, share and experience the natural, cultural and living world.

We have six primary categories that we focus on:

  • Adventure Sports
  • Alternative Living
  • Maker & Tech
  • Mind, Body & Soul
  • Travel & Culture
  • Wilderness & Exploration

We find the best visionaries within these categories and stream their inspirational content to our global audience.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

You can watch for $9.99 per month or buy one of our plans for 3 and 12 months at a great introductory rate. But, we do have a free plan so you can start watching right away! The free plan is ad-supported, but, we've worked hard with our brand partners to ensure advertising is short, clean, and on point.

What devices can I watch on?

Download from the App Store and watch on-the-go with the iOS App. Alternatively, watch on your laptop, mobile or desktop via your browser. Stream to your big screen through Airplay (on compatible device).

How are you different from other streaming services?

Good question. Adrennial is the only global platform that curates content across adventure sports, outdoor living and alternative lifestyles. We put creators first, and we've put all their amazing content in one inspirational space for you to explore.

What content can I watch?

Adrennial offers content from the best creators around the world, from globally recognized icons, to the little-known hidden gems.

With an Adrennial Membership, you can access hours of short and long form adventure, travel, outdoor living, and alternative lifestyle content. Adrennial content is available worldwide and expands over time as new creators come on board.


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