GoPro Hero 10 Scuba Diving with SHARKS | Cinematic 4K Film

So a few days ago I got my hands on the new GoPro Hero 10 Black, and to christen it we took it scuba diving with sharks. I couldn’t think of a better way to test this camera out than having it film some large sharks up close and personal!

Please note, this is not a sponsored video and GoPro doesn’t even know I’m making it. This film was purely made on my own accord – you know for fun.

For those wondering these sharks are actually the critically endangered Grey Nurse Sharks, they’re extremely big, the look fierce and have a row of large teeth that stick out of their mouth, but they’re actually completely harmless, and are very docile and relaxed animals. Scuba divers, snorkellers, and free divers have nothing to worry about when swimming with these sharks! Sit back and enjoy your time under the water with these beautiful animals!

The film was shot out at Julian Rocks in Byron Bay with Sundive, and our waterfall shot was shot (literally down the road) at the very famous Killen Falls.

My settings are all on the screen, but for all my land shots I used 4K60P with the camera’s lens set to Linear with Horizon Levelling, and Hypersmooth 4.0 set to Boost. EVERYTHING was shot HANDHELD. This blows my mind. It’s smoother than a gimbal! Seriously mental – especially that boat shot, the boat was moving like crazy, but not my GoPro footage!

Underwater I wanted a wider perspective to really be able to get up close to the sharks (also zoom lenses don’t really work underwater), so I set the camera to wide, and I turned my Hypersmooth down from boost to standard to reduce the cropping. You can still have horizon levelling in wide mode but you’ll need to get your hands on the Max Lens Mod which I don’t have yet.

Other settings, I set everything to flat – I want to be able to edit my footage and put my own colours in, so definitely turn on ProTune and turn off GoPro colour and then set your white balance to Native (a similar flat setting). I then turned sharpening down, and set my exposure compensation to -0.5 to protect my footage from blowing out. (I should have set it to -0.1 for the waterfalls as… well… i messed a few of those shots up – but I know for next time!)

And with a bit of editing bam, there you have it. A wild film shot 100% on a GoPro! This new Hero 10 is honestly mindblowingly good for such a small action camera!