Great white sharks, mantarays and more – Nautilus Bel Ami Guadalupe/Socorro – Part6

An unforgettable trip with new and old friends of the proWIN family. Every proWIN – pro nature Expedition is a magical experience. Can you imagine someone who never snorkeled before in his lifetime is jumping into a cage to see great white sharks …eye to eye. Or even better, …to jump into pitch black water at night to swim with silky sharks – NO cage. That is even for experienced shark divers a thing which often is reconsidered and some find funny excuses not to do that kind of crazy sh..t. I did many trips with different groups, but that one was absolutely over the top. Socorro – Giant Mantarays and Sharks
Thanks proWIN and thanks to Ingolf and Michael Winter who brought me onboard again, again and again. I love you guys and what you are doing, your attitude, positivity and this crazy energy which is created when we come together. THANK YOU!