Swimming with Sharks at Night | Cinematic Film

Night diving on the outer edges of the reef can be pretty intense.. When the sun goes down the underwater world you know disappears and a new world emerges. One full of predators. Giant Trevally & Red Bass swarm divers and have evolved to a point where they have learned to hunt off of a scuba divers torch light, spending most of the dive hugging your underside in hopes you’ll find them some easy food. Reef Sharks which are usually very docile during the day are out and they’ve got some energy. Darting around the reef, drawn to the action and attracted by the commotion the GT’s and Red Bass stir up. Swimming and scuba diving at night is an unreal adventure, and it’s incredibly thrilling!

It’s also perfectly safe. These sharks had no intention of harming us, nor showed us any aggression. We’re not their food source, these animals eat fish 5-10cm long, and they’re definitely not going to take on a few meter big human.

This epic film was shot onboard Coral Sea Dreaming on an epic Coral Sea Expedition!