SAVING TURTLES – Releasing Post-Plastic Recovered Turtles back into the Ocean

Billie and Ella were found by Central Coast Australian Seabird Rescue in Cabbage Tree Bay over 6 months ago. These turtles were both extremely sick, suffering from pneumonia and septicaemia. Ella had ingested a helium balloon printed with the words “Happy Birthday”, 2.5m of plastic string attached to the balloon, and a plastic bag. Medical experts had suggested she be euthanised as her chances of survival were so slim. Massive, massive thank you to the team at ASR who took Ella (and Billie) in despite the enormous challenge, and for making today possible.

Both of these endangered Green Sea Turtles have defied the odds, and have recovered after 6months of full on care and rehabilitation. The team at ASR are funded through donations, and are a non for profit organisation who have taken it upon themselves to help these animals.

It’s incredible to see how excited these two turtles got when they sensed, smelt, saw, and felt the ocean again for the first time in over half a year! As of yet, both of the turtles have stayed and been spotted hanging out at Shelly Beach, Manly in Sydney Australia.

If you want to help the team at ASR out, please visit – help them make more heartwarming stories like this a reality!