Seahorses – Amazing Life of Mini Documentary

Australia’s largest population of the endangered Sydney Whites Seahorse. These Seahorses are awesome, they live pretty interesting lives and they’re stunning to look at!

These Seahorses are ‘meant’ to be found on seagrass beds in species such as Posidonea Seagrass, however this habitat has becoming increasingly rare leaving these Seahorses with no natural home. Thus, they have developed a habit of living on human made structures like piers, and swimming nets.

They usually feed by hanging off the nets or structure and picking off plankton and brine shrimp as they drift past in the ocean currents. They’re also quite poor swimmers, and are unable to fight against ocean currents or waves. To move around they flutter their dorsal fin up to 35 times per second. They also have 2 pectoral fins near the back of the head which they use for steering and alignment.

Also featured in this video is the Pot Bellied or Big Bellied Seahorse, on of the largest species of seahorse in the world growing up to 35cm in length.

This whole video was shot at Clifton Gardens in Mosman, Sydney, NSW. This site is spectacular and attracts a wide range of weird and wacky wildlife including Octopus, Cuttlefish, Frog or Angler Fish to name a few.