Solo Hiking in Beautiful Northern Sweden

Solo hiking in northern Sweden, close to Sweden’s tallest mountain, Kebnekaise. I had a couple of days to spare on a trip to northern Sweden last year. I spent 8 weeks in a small village north of Kiruna and did hiking and camping trips all over Swedish Lappland. This hiking trip was short but amazing, the scenery up here is just breathtaking. My initial plan was actually to hike up on Kebnekaise itself but the mountain was closed during this period of the Corona pandemic, so I decided to walk up a valley close by, and climb a small mountain instead. The temperature was -10C (14F), and heavy winds swept in from time to time. All and all I walked for about 40km (24miles) and this was my favorite footage of this trip, I hope you enjoy this video, have an awesome week, and stay safe!