The Incredible GREAT BARRIER REEF | Cinematic Film

The Great Barrier Reef at its best! Crystal clear water, balling fish, and more marine life and colour than you can dream of. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The Great Barrier Reef is massive, by massive I mean it’s larger than the size of Japan, and larger than Spain. Nobody has seen all of the reef, and each year we’re finding more and more reef’s that we never knew existed. It’s a living and breathing ecosystem larger than most countries.

This footage here was shot at Milln Reef with the operator Coral Sea Dreaming, and as you may have noticed it’s drop dead gorgeous! There is so much colour and life here. What makes Milln Reef so spectacular is it’s location at the outer edge of the reef. Meaning it’s exposed to the East Australian Current, and has immediate access to the minerals the EAC carries down the Australian Coast. The more minerals a reef system has, the more fish life live there, and so on. It’s also got a fantastic mix of deep and shallow sections attracting a wide range of wildlife, and it’s been lucky enough to not have suffered much from coral bleaching events.

I hope you enjoyed this epic film!