The Pearl Diver – Freediving in Fakarava

Pearl Diving- Fakarava – 2014 Christian Redl, Marc Hillesheim and Peter Schneider visit French Polynesia for a Playboy shooting. This is one of the side stories. Freediver Christian Redl meets Hugo who takes him on a dive at the black pearl farm Havaiki in Fakarava. The atoll of Fakarava is the second biggest atoll in French Polynesia and a Unesco biosphere reserve. For Christian a lifelong dream comes true and he gets the chance to dive for his own pearl – a tahitian black pearl.
Fakarava, It’s easy not to notice the small, lovely islets that form a ring around the lagoon of Fakarava, the second largest atoll in French Polynesia. After all, it’s the lagoon that draws your attention, its beauty pulling at you like a magnet. There is a purity in the lagoon, and in the quiet elegance of the marine life that live out their lives in the shallows near shore. It’s almost as if each time you glance at it you’re seeing and feeling it for the first time. Here, the world seems unblemished. Life in the small villages, with their bougainvillea lined roads, bright coral churches, quaint homes, boulangerie, snacks and restaurants seems to hover above the clear waters that surround this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Fakarava (island-fakarava)